Th!nk E has gained extensive experience in the coordination of large scale international projects and consortia. We enjoy working with people, motivating them and making sure they all cooperate to realize a success.


We take pleasure in assisting you in how to present your idea, how to convince others and how to assure a lean and enjoyable R&D trajectory.


Th!nk E manages large international teams in the phase of proposal writing, teams from different backgrounds: industry, governmental administrations, public bodies and academia. Teams often come with different intentions that we bring in line with the call for proposals of the funding agency.

In managing teams like that, Th!nk E assures we listen to all partners and help them to align their intentions with the project objective. In close cooperation with the client, we bring in additional partners or suggest to leave the cooperation with others for a next opportunity.

Technical coordinator

Th!nk E has gained experience as technical coordinator in large European demonstration projects. We provide a critical helicopter view and assure the project changes remain in line with the core objective of the proposal. We defend the changes or assist the partners in defending them.


We search for new opportunities, new suppliers, improved technologies when circumstances require so.


Th!nk E initiates discussions and demands for improved and more dedicated efforts when needed to meet the project objective, while keeping an eye on the replication potential and business model for all partners involved.


Th!nk E

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