Th!nk E is involved in different European projects, as technical coordinator, partner or writer and composer...

Th!nk E enjoys composing large scale European projects. Th!nk E is not a conventional subsidy advisor or project composer. We only engage ourselves when it is in the field of energy and when we see the potential of bringing together all pieces, contribute to filling the missing links, and take the lead in composing a well-written, challenging and well-manageable project.

Th!nk E participates in projects as partner developing innovative energy solutions, contributing with a scientific background on energy in the built environment and a solid understanding of policy and regulation in the broad field of energy infrastructure.

Th!nk E brings innovative approaches with a sound basis and the understanding of the limitations in practical implementation.

Th!nk E is appointed technical coordinator of 2 European demonstration projects. The close cooperation with industrial partners and creation of the link with the academic partners and research institutes involved is the strength of the Th!nk E team.
Th!nk E assists the project partners in redesigning due to a changed context, evaluating the feasibility of new approaches and problem solving.


STORY is a European project researching new energy storage technologies and their benefits in distribution systems and involves 18 Partner Institutions in 8 different European countries. Our challenge is to demonstrate and evaluate innovative approaches for thermal and electrical energy storage systems and to find affordable and reliable solutions that lead to an increased electricity self-supply. STORY consists of 8 demonstration cases each with different local / small-scale storage concepts and technologies, covering industrial and residential environments. These demonstrations feed into a large-scale impact assessment, with the central question being: “What could be the added value of storage in the electricity distribution grid?“


STORY puts a large emphasis on developing various business model archetypes, and determine the required policy and regulatory frameworks supporting them.


In order to continue the dialogue with the growing number of other ‘Low Carbon Energy’ (LCE) Horizon2020 projects, Th!nk E takes a leading role in the overarching LCE 6-10 cooperation called BRIDGE.


STORY has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646426.

Develop and demonstrate energy efficient cities and build a methodology and tools for cities, industries and citizens to reach the 20-20-20 targets.

Technological innovation is at the heart of the project: now is the right time for large scale implementation of new solutions and smart urban technologies in renovation, district heating and cooling and smart grids. For technology and process development, workshops supported by technology teams in the demonstrator cities, will be organised as part of the project to reduce the gap between innovation and implementation and to share material knowledge.


The success of the technology implementation also depends on the involvement of citizens. Accordingly, the project recognizes the key position of this group. They will be involved through user groups, and an advisory board with societal representatives is installed. A serious game will be created to engage citizens in an innovative way in the developement of their smart city.


All these approaches match the ambitions of Amsterdam and Grenoble to be eco-friendly cities. Future cities, smart, open, with a high level of liveability and prosperity are no longer an utopia with City-zen!


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 608702.


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