Designing your proposal

Th!nk E enjoys composing projects, creating opportunities for your energy innovation, bringing your ideas to a higher level and making sure you will enjoy the project phase at least as much as the preparation phase.


We are selective and evaluate which ideas we think we can lift to a higher dimension, because when we go for it ... we really go for it.


Your energy innovation

You have a great idea, you want to boost its development, gain experience in its real life operation, change your current operational strategy to boost the business case, ...?


Or you understand that your product or service needs to be improved, but you do not know where to start? You have seen an interesting call for proposals, but do not exactly know how to start? Or you have a full team, great ideas, but need to turn them into a successfull application?


This is our challenge. We enjoy having a critical look at your ideas, moving them forward, pointing you to integrated approaches where your energy innovation is a crucial part of the larger picture.


We start with listening to you and asking a lot of questions. Until we feel we completely understand what your idea or technology is about.


We talk to partners and companies we think could move your idea further in a lager context, talk to different stakeholders and start shaping a context with you. 


We challenge the choices you might already have made, want you to defend them so we jointly understand the strengths and weaknesses. We'll reshape until we have turned all weaknesses into opportunities.


Jointly we decide how your product or service needs to be integrated in a larger context, what other partners you need, what the main objective of the project is, how to make it a perfect fit for the call, ...


We help to find the ideal team, take into account our joined experiences, your prefered partners, ... and assure they contribute with a single goal: winning the competition to start working on a groundbreaking project.


We dig into the details of what work needs to be done, who needs to be  involved in which tasks, and what are the expected results. The structure of the workplan needs to be lean, with clear tasks and responsibilities no matter how large or small the project and the consortium.

Make it a story

The project idea needs to be presented in a clear and attractive manner. The experts evaluating your ideas, have not gone through the preparation phase, they do not share the background. So, we want them to enjoy reading the proposal, to become enthousiastic, to be willing to learn more of it in the future.


From page 1, we are clear. Emphasize our unique selling proposition. We explain what the project is about, test whether this is clear enough, we use clarifying graphics, ... For all partners in the consortium we explain why we have them in, why they are investing in the project and how they see the return of that effort. 


We are proud of what we deliver.


Th!nk E

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