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Complex content made sexy

Engaging or informing stakeholders requires communication in a language they understand. Presenting a message in a comprehensive and appealing way, it’s our guarantee to create your success.

It's not about being right, it's about getting it right. Getting your message across is vital in this. Stakeholder categorisation, just as well as understanding “what’s in it for them”, are decisive in what exactly the packaging of the message towards which group of stakeholders is. Stakeholder mapping, literature, and role plays, combined with surveys and interviews ensure the different viewpoints are known and the elements that matters to each group become clear. This is the starting point for developing the communication towards each of the target groups: you know what moves them, you know how to package your message so they are moved. New policy or regulation, developing an enabling framework or getting funding or financing for an investment, communication is key.

Making complex things understandable

Stakeholders engaged in the energy transition have diverse backgrounds and expertise, and they all need to cooperate to make the transition a reality. An urban planner, a sustainability coordinator, a project developer or even an investor often needs to be supported in a full understanding of a potential technical solution or new cooperation model for his/her particular context. They need to know whether a certain concept makes sense for them or not and if yes... how to get started. Or they simply want to explore different potential solutions to make a relevant selection for their particular project. 

Important for each of those cases is a clear and multi-disciplinary view presented in an format that is easy to read, supported with strong visuals and includes well-framed examples. Information that explains what to do and what to better avoid and that provides you all you need to get that new technology or concept going.

Whether you are a technology provider and want your solution well-explained and widely disseminated, or you are a policy maker or developer and want diverse stakeholder to understand what will be done or to be convinced about your proposal, we can help you!