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Living labs

Testing in reality requires a cross-disciplinary approach and a constructive attitude. Our experience builds on strong stakeholder relations and profound technical expertise.

Living Labs have gained popularity in the last few years, they are an ideal environment to test novel technology, new cooperation set-ups and the interaction between the new technology or concept and the existing ecosystem. It is important to design a Living Lab with a clear goal in mind: what exactly is the reason why you want to test in real-life environments? It could be the testing and gaining feed-back, but a Living Lab could also support the development and effective implementation of an enabling framework.

We have set-up a building-level and neighbourhood-level Living Lab where novel storage concept, renewable energy technologies, building materials and cooperation models were and are tested. The realization requires to find a gap or negotiate interpretation room in a legislation, but especially to interact intensively with all relevant stakeholders and build up an ecosystem of accompanying organisations and entities, systems, users, closely linked and more general stakeholders, and the environment.

Whether it is our next Living Lab (indeed, we’re on it!) or it is yours, we have the expertise and network to build it up from scratch, bring in technologies and entities that will jointly boost the potential and impact of the Living Lab and ensure the maximum value is created for each partner and for the diverse stakeholders.

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