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Proposal writing

A proposal is a well-designed combination of the ultimate team, an optimised and lean concept and a perfect match with the funding demands. Our eye for detail ensures a tempting result for a successful submission.

Funding can help in overcoming the gap towards market readiness, test a new concept or model or explore a new area or cooperation. There are a wide range of opportunities at regional, national and European level that could be interesting for your company or organisation.

Whether you start from just one partner and a vague idea or from a full consortium with a draft proposal that needs to be polished, we can help you delivering a tempting proposal. We love composing a project, writing and improving proposals. We really go the extra mile for delivering you the optimal proposal. And we’re confident to say: we are good at it because it is not the only thing we do. Specifically that allows us to put all of our energy in it, have a full focus and bring in innovative and appealing ideas.

Our experience as project partners in regional, national and European projects further ensures that the workplan we propose is manageable and the execution is feasible. We have been working throughout Europe in evaluations for funding bodies, universities and governmental agencies. When we compose and write your application, we take the head of a reviewer: easy to read, just enough repetition to ensure he/she is convinced, visuals to support the text but also to give your project an identity which helps him/her when he has to work on many proposals.

The main focus, though, is on selling your idea as a tempting, impactful and sustainable one.

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