STORY is an amazing project with 18 European partners in 8 countries.  STORY in motion pictures. Sit back and find out how this STORY unfolds!  

Th!nk E is task leader for the first demonstration: the residential demonstration in Oud-Heverlee. The last dozen of houses in a residential street in this Belgian municipality, are equipped with a range of technologies to provide a maximum of load shifting potential: fuel cells, batteries, small scale thermal storage and seasonal thermal storage. They will all be equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems. One building, Th!nk E's Living Lab, currently already equipped with all available smart technologies from smart household appliances over an e-car to advanced control for ventilation, takes load shifting a step further by introducing a seasonal thermal storage of 25 000 liter, combining PVT with natural cooling to load the shallow geothermal system and extending the battery storage to provide grid independency for a couple of days.Interoperability is given considerable attention, in order to pave the way for cooperation between different technology providers and move to plug and play solutions.


This demonstration contributes to unfold the value of storage for the end user, the distribution grid operator, the energy provider and a potential third party aggregating the flexibility. This demonstration will tell you the STORY of how storage can change the way to fulfill your domestic energy needs.


Storage is integrated such that different business models can be tested and evaluated: what is the impact for all stakeholders if the storage is operated focusing on reducing the energy bill of the end user, what if it answers a demand of the grid operator or the energy provider?


At the end of STORY, this demonstration will show what local storage can mean for all stakeholders involved, including society as a whole.


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