The team

Leen Peeters, founder and managing director

Leen is a civil engineer with a PhD in energy in the built environment. The focus of her research at the University of Leuven was on heating and cooling of buildings, Combined Heat and Power and the impact of large scale integration of specific technologies on the energy system as a whole. She spent several periods at Eindhoven University of Technology and Strathclyde University focussing on building simulation. After her PhD, she was teaching thermodynamics and building physics at the University of Brussels, while doing her post-doc at the University of Texas in Austin.


In 2011, Leen founded Th!nk E. The original focus was on energy in buildings, heating, cooling and ventilation. But since the start she designed the Th!nk E living lab: a grid supporting zero energy renovation of an old farm. The whole project is done in close cooperation with industry and the added value is the strong link between theory and practice.


Also in 2011, Leen started her work as expert for the European Commission and soon after submitted her first large scale energy proposals. Leen is considered an expert in energy in the built environment and energy management and applies this expertise in multiple European initiatives.


Leen is coordinator of the BRIDGE group bringing together the experiences of 22 European demonstration projects on smart energy infrastructure.


Frank Veltmans, R&D Engineer

Frank holds a Master in Engineering Science - Electronics - ICT and is our technical expert on integration, automation and control.


Frank was a member of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team (KU Leuven) and participated in solar car races across the world, ranking 6th in the Australian World Solar Challenge 2013 and 3rd in the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge 2015. The team also won the CSIRO Technical Innovation Award for his design of the energy storage system in the Indupol One Solar EV. He joined Th!nk E in 2016.


Egon Troch, R&D Engineer

Egon is a civil engineer in building physics and is our technical expert on renewable energy systems. Egon joined Th!nk E early 2018 to work on storage integration in the energy infrastructure and further specializes in policy and regulation in the domain of smart grids at regional, national and European level.

Egon is active member of the BRIDGE Working Group on Policy and Regulation.

Anneleen Vanderlinden, Project Manager

Anneleen is an actuary with a mathematical background who joined Th!nk E in November 2018.

She gained experience in data analysis, product development, risk assessment, process guidance and project management from her job experience as actuary, risk advisor and process manager in the financial sector.

Within Th!nk E, she works as data scientist and project manager.

Achille Hannoset, Legal Analyst

Achille holds a master in international and European law from the University of Antwerp. In 2018, he did an LL.M. in International and European Climate and Energy Law at the University of Groningen.


Currently, he is doing a PhD at the University of Ghent with the aim of designing a transnational legal governance framework for energy communities that fosters energy democracy.


Within Th!nk-E, he works as a legal analyst.

Kathleen Coenen, all round assistent

Kathleen holds a bachelor in social science and has more than 10 years experience in assisting in R&D work. Kathleen is responsible for administration and organizational aspects. Given Kathleen's experience, she is often engaged in desktop research and in communication with stakeholders of various kind.


After 2 years, Kathleen joined Th!nk E again in March 2016. We believe she missed the adrenaline of an SME and the joy of working with former university colleagues. But, it might just as well be to free time in our agenda and get us to party ....


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