Your energy innovation

Th!nk E has an eye for looking at things in a different way, searching for opportunities and providing a critical view. The practical experience through setting up the living lab and being involved in multiple large scale implementation processes, our desire to understand your production process and how your product or service is applied, assures we give relevant and useful suggestions, not only based on theory.



We look at what you have, talk about it, jointly discuss upcoming challenges, market opportunities and threats.


We want to fully understand how you see yourself in the market, your production process or your service offering and we want to know your experiences with customers.

Evaluate and discuss

A different eye on your product or service, that is what we bring you at first. And then we are inspired: where do we see more potential for what you have, where do we see an opportunity for improvement, for a broader market penetration, for a combination with another product or service ...


We ask you a lot of questions, present you a broad range of challenges, have intense discussions, try to understand what might work and what not, prioritize ...


In a next step, Th!nk E assists in analysing the opportunities and gaining an in-depth understanding of what they can bring to your company. We can assist you in R&D, setting up an innovation project, checking the funding opportunities, shaping the required team and preparing the related proposal.


We enjoy assisting you in your energy realization!


Th!nk E

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