Th!nk E is experienced in setting up innovative projects in the broad field of energy in the built environment. Read here how Th!nk E can be at your service.

Th!nk E enjoys composing large scale European projects. Th!nk E is not a conventional subsidy advisor or project composer. Th!nk E only engages when the potential project is about energy and when Th!nk E sees potential in the aspects presented to them. Th!nk E enjoys filling the gaps, composing a well-written, challenging and well-manageable project. Th!nk E assures the proposal is tempting, realistic and has everything to make it.

Th!nk E assisted multiple companies throughout Europe in analysing the technical potential, improving energy-related products or concepts, providing policy advice and mapping the policy and regulatory context in different EU countries.

Th!nk E alwasy starts from your concerns and questions and tries to provide an answer that is to the point, tailored and improves your business.

Th!nk E is experienced in taking up technical coordinatorship of large energy related projects. Thinking with the partners, defending the project towards the client and jointly defining the required alterations.  Th!nk E thinks with you, translates your concerns into possibilities and develops strategies to align all stakeholders.

Th!nk E assists in practical aspects, in administrative issues as well as in the technical re-design in case of a change in context.


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