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Enabling Framework

Realising a novel concept or transposing a directive or legislation requires an interdisciplinary view that brings together technical, legal & communication skills. Our interdisciplinary approach is used to make things happen in reality.

Policy support 

The preparatory phases to policy and regulatory development require a profound analysis of the full impact. It is important to assess regional, national and international projects, engage with stakeholders that participated in the those projects and especially with those that could not or decided to not participate; evaluate funding schemes that were or are available to those projects; map barriers and obstacles; and assess the wider scale impact of proposed variations to implementation.

The transposition of the concept of energy communities in Flanders and in Europe, the assessment of V2G & Smart Car Charging projects worldwide, and the evaluation of a specific technology for the EPBD in different member states are just a few of the projects we have recently worked on.

Development of an enabling framework for a new technology or cooperation model

A first technical, legal and regulatory assessment and position of the new concept or cooperation model is a starting point. A successful roll-out is further based on a multi-dimensional assessment of the impact of operating the innovative technology or concept on the energy system, the distribution of costs and benefits, and the architectural and safety aspects of integrating new operating modes and technologies in the built environment. Tailored communication is to be set-up with decision makers that are key in advancing to acceptance of the new concept or cooperation model from the legal, administrative and/or regulatory point of view. It is important that they become partners, a relation built on mutual respect.

In case the innovation potentially impacts a broad range of stakeholders, the next step is building trust and ensuring that this wider group of stakeholders are informed at the level of detail and understanding that is aligned with their background and responsibilities. The collective emotions and social identification of different stakeholders with the new concept or cooperation model are looked for. Fostering or further developing those increases the success and viability of the new concept or cooperation.

Effective implementation

Only when the decisive stakeholders are aligned, the design of an enabling framework or the effective implementation of the novel concept or cooperation model can be realised. Respecting each other allows for creating respect for a commercial, political or funding-dependent deadline.

Whether is concerns policy preparation or effective implementation of a new technology, our above interdisciplinarity and stakeholder-oriented view has been proven to lead to success.

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