Th!nk E designs energy innovations at system, building and neighbourhood scale. We do not only design, we do ...


Th!nk E works at a European scale: customers from around Europe and the   European energy landscape define our daily working context.

Th!nk E


Th!nk E is a Belgian SME operating on a European scale, active in the domain of energy in the built environment and energy infrastructure. 


Th!nk E exploits a unique Living Lab: a building renovated to a grid-supporting net zero energy concept. Thermal and electrical storage technologies are presented and tested, different types of solar renewable energy systems are evaluated and  the overall building energy management system is optimised to maximize the solar fraction. The building includes some of the latest building materials and technologies and it provides a perfect testing environment for new and upcoming technologies.


Th!nk E has been involved in different technology evaluation and improvement tracks: from solar thermal systems over ventilation concepts and products to insulation systems. Th!nk E applies the same critical technical view in composing large scale multi-stakeholder projects. With a track record in fruitful cooperations, Th!nk E might be the proposal and project composer bringing you a successful European energy project.


Th!nk E enjoys working in the broader European context. As technical coordinator of both the Smart Cities project City-Zen and the Smart Grids Project STORY, Th!nk E contributes daily to energy efficiency improvements in Europe. Furthermore, Th!nk E  coordinates the Bridge cooperation where 22 European projects on Smart Grids and Energy Infrastructure demonstrate and evaluate best practices on innovative business models, products and services to the EU policy and regulation development level.


Th!nk E

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