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Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat

Welcome to the 2nd phase of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat! While big nations and corporates announce their net-zero ambitions, the Secretariat continues the work of its predecessor to demonstrate the importance of island decarbonisation. Visit to learn more about the Secretariat's objectives!

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MUSE GRIDS aims to be an industry/social driven LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT for the transition towards a sustainable energy landscape. It aims to demonstrate, system-wide and in real-life operational conditions, a set of both technological and non-technological solutions adapted to local circumstances targeting local urban energy grids. Two large-scale pilot projects are implemented in two different European regions, in urban (OSIMO) and rural (OUD HEVERLEE) contexts, both with weak connection to the national grid and energy markets. Th!nk E manages the Oud Heverlee pilot where it is responsible for user engagement and technical installations.

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STORY: vision of our future energy system

STORY was an EU project (2015-2020) researching new energy storage technologies and their benefits in distribution systems, composed by Th!nk E. We lead the technical coordination and are in charge of one of the Belgian multi-energy pilots testing storage at building and neighbourhood level. Th!nk E delivered the system design and control development.

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City-zen: New urban energy

The Smart Cities project (2014-2019) bundled over 20 smart technical and social implementations in the cities of Amsterdam and Grenoble. Th!nk E was technical coordinator, overviewing the innovation preparation and evaluation. The project included among others a virtual power plant, V2G, batteries, and stakeholder interaction platforms.

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